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Discovering, diving & protecting Pemuteran's reefs since 1991


Premier dive spots

Pemuteran Bay

bio-wreck Close encounters Coral Canyon Wreck
Deep reef Garden of the Gods Gedes reef
Kebun Chris Kebun Batu Middle reef
Napoleon Temple Garden Temple Wall

Further afield

Menjangan Secret Bay

Most of our dive sites are either a 5-10 minute boat ride from our beach or shore dives, so you can get plenty of dives and still have time to enjoy other activities and/or just relax on the beach after diving. Being the first dive shop in Pemuteran, we scouted out most of the established local dive sites. We even have a few favourites that are still secret - sorry, can't say more about those on the web, but maybe we'll take you there!

Coral Reefs

Pemuteran Bay: About 1km from shore are a chain of reefs - underwater islands left over from a long extinct volcano.  In the same stretch of water as Menjangan Island, they offer a wider variety of topography and are home to a vast array of underwater life. 

From 35m deep walls to shallow plateaux of coral gardens as far as the eye can see, across over 25 different reef sites - we can keep you amused for many days...

Menjangan Island: Part of the Barat National Park, about an hour from Reef Seen by boat, is the small island of Menjangan Island. Inhabited only by deer, it is surrounded by a coral shelf and coral walls for some fantastic diving and snorkelling.  The temple with a huge statue of Ganesha at the Western end of the island are very photogenic.

Muck and Sand

The famous Secret Bay is an hour away and the not yet so famous Fishermans Basket in Pemuteran Bay are dive sites for those special macro moments.

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