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Home of the Turtle Hatchery, Reef Seen Dancers & the Reef Gardeners of Pemuteran

Does diving and snorkeling appeal to you? Or perhaps taking a holiday in a peaceful, hassle free environment, with colourful, coral reefs and fishlife commencing just 20 metres from the beach? If yes is your answer then you are ready for North-West Bali & Reef Seen Divers' Resort.

World-class diving and incredible snorkeling apart, we offer calm beaches, loads of sunshine, fascinating culture, pony rides for the children, all to be found here in the village of Pemuteran, North-West Bali, and not a hawker in sight.

The resort can be reached by a 3-4 hour trip from the Airport and Kuta region.  It is one of the most beatiful drives on Bali, taking you up into the mountains via Bedugul. Passing the 3 lakes around Bedugal (Bratan, Buyan and Tamblingen) you will encounter the famous Bratan Temple. Down to the north coast gorgeous rice paddies and stunning views will surprise you even more.


8 April 2014, 10:10am

Coming Soon.............

We are creating "The Garden of the Gods"NEW dive site in Pemuteran Bay to be constructed about 400m off the beach in front of Reef Seen. With the main installation planned for 23-27 May the preparations are already well under way.Inspired by the Balinese legend of Dewata Nawa Sanga or the 9 Dewa (gods) of Bali with Shiva surrounded by the other 8 gods positioned at the 8 directions of the winds.A collaboration between Reef Seen, The Reef Gardeners of Pemuteran and Asian Geographic Society.Would you like to help?You can sponsor a statue your name or organisation will be seen on a plate underwater. We are offering an exclusive stay/dive package for experienced divers who would like to be here as we sink the statues. Spaces are limited.Come and see us at ADEX, Singapore this week (11-13 April) booth C17 together with the Asian Geographic Society. Send us an email or complete the form on our Garden of the Gods webpage for more detailed information. Garden of the Gods

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6 December 2013, 6:50am

Blow Our Own Trumpet

No,  not that one....It's official!!!   "We excel in providing traveling scuba divers with memorable scuba diving experiences, customer satisfaction, scuba diver safety and underwater environmental awareness by providing professional and outstanding service"By definition and in recognition of our success doing exactly that for over 22 years, PADI have awarded Reef Seen the "5* Dive Resort" status.Coupled with our existing Green Star environmental award we join an elite of only 15 PADI 5* dive resorts on Bali and of those only one other holds the Green Star banner.These things don't happen by magic.  It takes the efforts of the whole, happy team of our loyal and hardworking staff who are all immensely proud of their achievementWe will of course not rest on our laurels but continue our work with divers and for divers, exploring, protecting and preserving our diving environment.

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30 November 2013, 2:17am

Spick & Span

Those of you who have already visited Reef Seen will know that our hard working staff always start the day with a wash & brush up of the grounds and the beach to remove whatever has fallen in the wrong place over night.  Occasionally we have a bigger job to do.  One of the most adverse consequences of the Western influences in our tropical worlds is non-degradable rubbish.  Ridiculous amounts of it!!!  Over packaged products sold in double-wrapped, super tough, plastic.And where does it all go?  The manufactures are making it in vast quantities but do nothing to help dispose of it in a responsible way.  So while the locals do make the effort to collect and put it somewhere, regrettably if often ends up washed in the rains straight into the sea.  There it floats around causing potential disastrous results for the marine life, making it most unpleasant to be in and then comes back to the land.In the sea the only safe way for the protection of the wildlife is to hand pick it out.  If you were to simply scoop it all up there is no knowing how many animals you would gather with it and kill.  If you care please help us try to do something,  Leave the plastic in the shop.  Recycle and re-use what you can. Lobby the producers and the government.  Donate to the real good causes.  Set an example.In the meantime we will keep tidying up the mess.  Back on the beach it is at least slightly easier to deal with and our staff don't need telling what to do.  Even Coral the labrador joins in :).

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